Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Change: I guess I don't like it after all

Hello friends. If the events of today are any indicator I am not a fan of change. I had lunch with a friend of mine. He mentioned an employment interview he will be having tomorrow. If he gets this job and accepts it, he will have to change churches and we will no longer attend the same church. I am interested to note how wrapped up I am in this situation even as the possibility of him receiving the job is still a possibility. I thought I liked change, on my terms. Now I am thinking I just don't like change. We'll have to see. Please pray that God's will would be done in this situation.

Last night Becca and I met with a guy from our church to discuss mortgages. We found out how much we pre-qualified for and now are starting the search for a home in which we are interested. We also know a realtor from our church who will be helping us find a home in the area we are looking for, for the price we want, with the features we want/need. Becca and I completed a survey earlier tonight which helps us determine what we want in a house and what we need in a house. There is an important distinction between want and need and learning about this distinction is an interesting experience. We hope to move into the house when our lease is up on 28 May so we have a lot of work ahead of us.

As I think about the upcoming months I get tired. I am looking forward to the things ahead of us, but there is a lot ahead of us. In addition to looking for a house and moving in, we are working on the mission trip to Thailand, youth ministry at church, with our jobs. I know we are all busy but I just wanted to update you all on this.

We are headed to Cleveland this weekend to visit my parents and my aunt Leslie. Becca has not met her yet so I am looking forward to seeing her again and introducing Becca to her.

That's all for now I think. Have a good night!

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Happy weekend!

Happy weekend friends! I don't know where this week went but it is over and the weekend is here. Tomorrow we are having a special worship service at church where we will be showing some different methods you can use during worship. I am excited to see how this will go. I was at church earlier preparing a piano solo I will be playing.

I stopped at Jesse & Rhonda's house and it looks better each time I come over. Jesse is pretty much done sanding the dry wall and will start priming the walls next week. We found out today that Habitat For Humanity sells building materials and other things for homes so he is going to check out their doors, carpet and other things. I am excited about this because I am sure Habitat sells these things at a good price.

We are in the midst of the Thailand trip preparations. We have a meeting with the team tomorrow to take the team picture, finalise support letters and schedule the next meeting. A local government rep is willing to come church to accept our passport applications. I thought this was really cool as this is something we need to get done soon. I believe God is going to teach all of us a lot as we prepare for this trip, while we are there and when we come home. I am amazed at what I have learned so far. I will admit working with youth is not my forte but God is giving me more and more confidence which I am glad about.

Once again, my hair is not all brown. We went to Paula's on Thursday night and she put light brown highlights in my hair. At first I thought they looked really orange but I am getting used to them. I will try to put a picture on here soon so you can see them.

I think that is about all for now. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Sad times

I think it is really sad how wrapped up I am in the fact that I am loosing my laptop at work. I knew this day was going to come as I do not need anymore as I am not traveling anymore for work. This morning one of the Help Desk staff told me I would be getting a new computer (which is exciting) but it would be a desktop and not a laptop. Oh well, I guess life goes on and there is more to life than laptops :)

It is scary that this is the biggest news for me right now so I'm going to Zeeland now to play Help Desk for the doctor.


Saturday, February 05, 2005

Sanding dry wall

I had another interesting experience today helping Jesse and Rhonda at their house in Moline.

Earlier this week, a contractor friend of Jesse's sent his dry wall subcontractor with one of his crews put up the dry wall for the whole house. This contractor paid one of his crews to install and mud the dry wall. This contractor does not know Jesse very well at all. I am so excited that the dry wall is done. Before you can paint, the mud on the dry wall must be sanded down so that is what Becca and I helped Jesse with today. This is not the cleanest experience however it is not that hard. I am glad to be able to help out though I do not have a lot of technical knowledge about working on houses.

We're now at my in-laws in Zeeland. I really needed to shower at doing the work out Jesse's. I just need to be clean. You may feel free to call me a preppy person, I just don't care.

We are continuing to work on the Thailand trip in June. Everyone is working on their letters. We are having a meeting this coming Wednesday night and I hope we can get the letters in the mail soon.

Well that's all for now...