Thursday, November 29, 2007

2 months old

I can't believe Levi is 2 months old. There are days I feel like it has been longer than that and then there are days I think, "I can't believe it has been two months." He is getting so big, not just phyiscally, but his personality is big as well! He keeps us laughing. Levi is turning into quite the little man, he continues to try and talk, he does get some sounds out but I know that he wants more to come out.
Besides battling a cold right now, he is a great little guy. I am hoping that this cold goes away before Monday, he is scheduled to get his shots, but if he isn't feeling well, I don't want to add that to his poor little body.
We will keep you updated!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

The mystery is solved...

Since Levi was born, people have asked who he looks like. There are some that immediately says he looks like Chris. I honestly could not tell who he looked like, until this weekend! Chris' mom brought some baby pictures and it is now comfirmed, he is Chris' twin. Levi doesn't have the baby fat that Chris had, infact, Levi has yet to reach either Chris' or my birth weight.
Levi made it through his first Thanksgiving, with all the handling quite well. In fact, he was so jealous that he was not partaking in the feast, he slept through it. He was so excited to see Grandpa and Grandma Robertson, Aunt Mel and Great Aunt Mary. He was his usual entertaining self for them!
Now we are preparing for Christmas...