Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Video company from Mars Hill Bible Church

My roommate just emailed me the website for the movie company that produces the movie I saw during small group on Friday night. Check out the site. These movies are very good.

More later...

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Small group comments, etc

Last Friday night our new small group met for the second time. I was very anxious about this meeting, particularly since it had been over a month since the group had met. I was amazed how quickly it felt like it had been no time at all since we had last seen each other. I was also very blessed to see how the group was functioning so much like a group, during its second meeting.

For our study time we watched a video called Baggage that was produced by Mars Hill Bible Church. I am still amazed how much they can pack into a 14 minute video. The topics covered in this video ranged from forgiveness to guilt-filled living. I was blessed by Rob's honesty as he spoke. I look forward to hopefully seeing this video again as well as the others in the series. I cannot find a link to the video company who produces these videos, but when I find it I will put it on the Blog.

Had a wonderful practice last night with people from my church. God is really using these times together to help us musically and spiritually. Tonight is the budget meeting for the Missions Committee. I am very excited about my involvement with this group and what God is doing through our missionaries all around the world.

Have a great day!

Monday, March 29, 2004

The long awaited picture

Some who have not yet met my fiancé, Becca Dreyer have asked to see a picture of her. With her permission, I am posting this picture of us when I visited her last July in Boston. I do not have the picture of us on the cruise with the beautiful sunset, so this one will have to do.

As soon as I get the proof CD of our engagement pictures, and provided I have the photographers permission, I will try and post some of those on the Blog as well. As I mentioned in my other entry, I was very pleased with the way they came out. If you ever have photography needs and live in the Grand Rapids area, I encourage you to check out John's business.

Needed correction

On my Wednesday and Thursday posts from last week, I made a grievous error. I neglected to make mention of the photographer who took our engagement photos. Especially since he has a website, and is a great photographer (I take horrible pictures, so if he can get good pictures of me, he is very talented. John Pottenger is his name and his business is Coastline Photography. Please check out the link, especially if you need photography work done.

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Apartment all done

Well this weekend was very productive. Yesterday we addressed the remaining invitations. We'll be mailing them out this week. I will scan the invitation and make a link to it from the blog. Stay tuned...

Today we signed for our apartment that I'm moving into on 29 May. It is very nice to have that detail done.

I must give credit for the Weather Channel image to Ked and Amelia. I saw it on their blog, and through some html "borrowing" put it on here. Thanks for a great idea. It is nice to see the temperature as it is in the 60's as I post it on here. I hope the rain and snow stay far away. We'll have to see.

Have a great night.

Friday, March 26, 2004

It's Friday, bring on the weekend!

Here is Chris' random thought for today. We live in a very chaotic world and at times, especially in Christian circles, it seems like the end goal is removing as much chaos as possible. Now, I know that God is a God of order (e.g. his method of Creation), however do you think it is possible that he uses these seemingly random, chaotic, events for His purposes? Should our goal perhaps be not to necessarily want to remove the chaos but try and allow God to use it. What do you think? Email me your feedback

For once in a very long time I feel a sense of completion as I approach the end of this work week. God has certainly been good throughout, though I confess I'm not always the same way. I feel like God has allowed me to accomplish a lot this week and therefore there is not much hanging over the weekend till Monday.

I stayed in last night and feel a bit better today. Our new small group at church is meeting for the second time tonight. I have been praying a lot for this group because it feels like we are having difficulty getting started. I don't necessarily know what this means, but I do know that I should pray about it. We are starting a video series on Matthew and seeing where that takes us. I think it is a great idea but I just want to get something started.

Tomorrow will be the big invitation work day. Becca's mom has already started them, however there is much work left to do. I hope to post a picture of the invitation so you all can see it. We are very proud of the way they turned out.

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Another sick day - I want to feel better NOW!

Good evening from Fitzhugh Ave!

Well this cold is lingering on so I'm home tonight rather than with small group at Applebees. Today was a very exciting day in the blog world as there is a link at my friend Amelia and Ked's blog to mine. Click on the link in this entry or on the side and check them out.

If my math is correct, it is 78 days to the wedding. Time is flying by.

Well I'm having writers block so this is it for now. Maybe more later. We'll see.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Wow this week is flying by...

I cannot believe it is Wednesday already. This week is flying by. Tonight we have our engagement pictures. Better late than never. They should be posted on the Internet soon so I'll make a link on the blog to the pictures if you interested in seeing them or purchasing them.

More wedding related events are being scheduled. Counseling starts on the 12th and cake testing on the 6th.

Monday of this week was absolutely crazy. I was working on a project with our PerĂș office all day on Monday and ended up farther behind when I left than when I came in. I don't understand how that works. However, miraculously, within 10 minutes of arriving on Tuesday the problem was solved. How does that work??!! Oh well, I'm just glad they are up and running.

Yesterday afternoon I really thought I was in trouble. A member renewal was not done for Brasil and it did not appear that I was going to be able to do it. With my boss arriving back today I did want to have to tell him this story. Well, just as soon as the problem arose, the problem was corrected. How does that work??!!

Today is pretty calm so far but the day is young. That's about all for now folks. Enjoy your Wednesday.

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Great day in God's house

I still am not sure what made this morning's worship service so good, but God used it in amazing ways. Pastor started his service leading us toward the Passion week. Also, after the service Becca and I had some great conversations with people at church. I am very happy for these opportunities for Becca to get to know people at Green Lake.

I am also so happy that a lady from my parent's church is organising a wedding shower for us in Cleveland. The shower will be on April 3rd at 1pm at Cathy Bennett's house (email me for information). It is encouraging to hear her excitement for putting this event together.

Well now I believe it is time for a Sunday afternoon nap. I have not had one in 3 weeks so here we go.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, March 20, 2004

Sick day

Well I have conceeded, I am sick. I think it was pretty much over when I had no voice last night at the Nash's. Am staying home today from meetings and such and really hope to be better tomorrow. We'll have to see.

May post more later but this is it for now.

Friday, March 19, 2004

This blog will soon be on but I will let you all know when that happens.

Thursday nights are small group night and Becca & I have grown to appreciate our group so much of late. At present we are studying a book called Discipleship Of the Mind. This will be a very good book for our group as it stretches us and spurs some very good conversation.

Not much happening at work today so far. Tonight will be exciting as Becca and I are going to spend some time with the Nash's. They are such good friends and I appreciate them a lot.

This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Greetings friends from all around the world!

I have now entered the Blogger world. There will be frequent posting on here, especially as the wedding draws nearer and nearer. If my calculations are correct (and if they are not there will be a correction), the big day is 86 days away. Becca and I have been very blessed with a lot of easy decisions so far. For example, we met with the organist and 30 minutes later all the music was decided. We have more things to decide, however we trust in the Lord for His help.

Well this is all for now. I hope these entries will be much more exciting in the future.