Wednesday, September 13, 2006

YEAH my car is fixed

We took my car to the repair shop this morning to get the muffler bracket fixed. I called three businesses in town and this one had the best customer service and seemed to know what they were doing. They found an after market muffler bracket and have installed it. They also say the muffler and rest of the exhaust system are in good shape and do not need to be replaced. This is exciting! I will be glad to have my car back in working order and we will both be glad that it was not very expensive.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday everyone! It's a bit rainy here in GR; hopefully nicer where you are. We were in Cleveland for the weekend visiting my family. Saw my sister's apartment. Lots bigger than I thought. Check out Mel's blog from the list on the left and encourage her to post :)

Now that we are done with house improvements for now, I am working on car improvements. The muffler bracket for my car is broken. I hope the muffler is sturdy but we'll have to see. I'm going to call a few businesses in town today in hopes they can install a new one for a good price. A friend of mine looked over my exhaust system last week and thinks the muffler itself is in good condition. This was good news. I hope I can get this replaced inexpensively.

Other than this nothing too exciting going on with us.