Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Will I Call Out?

The following is today's devotion in Soul Journey, a devotional for youth and young adults produced by Discovery House Publishers a sister ministry to RBC Ministries where I work.

I thought the writer did a very good job describing the Christian and sin. What do you think?
How deep will I sink into the murkiness that is Sin? How dark
will it get? So dark it blinds me. It wraps itself around me, seeps
into me, into every pore--stifling, dragging me down. Yet I
welcome it. Why?

Because it's easier, easier than admitting, easier than asking for
help, easier than being dependent, easier than going against the
grain--being different.

How cold will it get as I sink into the miry abyss? The deeper I go,
the colder it gets.

The chill hits my bones and enters further into me still.

Until it touches the innermost part of me, where nothing should
venture but You.

Wraps its tentacles around me--constricts.

And the darkness comes again, blacker still.

How long will I wait before I let out my breath and reach up my
hands to the heavens?

Squeeze my eyes tight so tears fall?

Grit my teeth as my knees hit the ground and I repent?

And mean it.

Your arms break the surface. The sunlight dances on the ripples.

The Light opens my eyes and I am pulled toward You.

I leave the darkness behind, pulled from the fog into the clear
air--crisp and fresh.

And You embrace me to ward off the chill.

Later, as You watch me You aren't far away--You never are.

I venture to the edge as I've done so often before. I look into the
depths where I've been so often before, and my feet slip on the mud.

I cry out to You and You catch me.

And I weep because I got so close . . . and I know I'll do it again.

And again, You will be there.

But next time, next time, will I call out?

Or will I let myself fall?

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