Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Ministry attitudes

Sorry for the silence friends. I hope people are still going to my blog because I haven't received emails screaming at me for posts. If you have not been to Kedron's blog lately, you really should go. In particular, I have been challenged by his current post called Ball Kicking. This post challenges me in my attitude when doing ministry. I heard Bill Gaither say at a concert once that Christians are the only people who shoot their wounded. Sometimes in the name of ministry, or advancing the cause of Christ, we can do things that actually hurt those who are on our team.
I think an anonymous comment on Ked's blog put's it well:
Bottom line, it's safest for all of us to remember when kicking balls down the ministry that it's just not about us in the least, and that humility and love are the skills we need to hone most of all. Because it is sad to watch teammates injured by the arrows of the righteous.
Our International Director puts it this way:
Leadership is only our responsibilities.
Servanthood is truly our position.
Child of God is definitely our status.


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Deborah Li said...

dont worry Chris, still reading your blog.

I think what Ked says is true. Manay chrisitans do things in the name of "God" and then backstab and justify their hurting actions with it. No wonder many non-christians are turned away by us. Some "Light" we are!!