Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Coffee quiz link

Here is a link if you want to do the Coffee quiz below. For some reason, the link wasn't included when I posted it here. Enjoy!


Mel said...

Good moro! I am Black Coffee.. which is wierd I guess. I prefer some sort of cream enrichment in my coffee. I put this link on my xanga, sorry I am not that cool to have a blog.. :) jk. Have a good one. You sista

Deborah Li said...

hey chris, the comment link on the latest post about the movie isn't working.. so i'll post here. :p

I watched the movie last night! VERY GOOD!! So thought-provoking and inspirational!!!!!

traceyvdw said...

Hi Chris! I am an expresso. How odd......I didn't even know I was addicted to coffee. Between this 'coffee test' and the test we took in small group for our spiritual gifts, i am realizing that i don't know who i am. (I got a 3 in hospitality and a 1 in mercy! (out of 15!!) what kind of person am I????)

....apparently a merciless caffeine junkie who doesn't like to have people over. (sniff)

I need a cup of coffee......
See you at the small group Fri!Tracey