Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Busy, busy days

Well it seems I am not the only slacker in the blogging world, however I am finally going to remedy the situation.

This last weekend Becca and I went to Cleveland to visit my parents. My sister went back to school on Sunday so we helped move her into her dorm. At first I missed college life. After moving her into her dorm, I am glad that I live in an apartment with my wife. Dorm rooms are just too small :)

Tomorrow my boss and his family are moving to Brazil. He will still be my boss, but his job is moving to Brazil where RBC Ministries will establish a regional office for the Americas region. On the one hand I see this as a very exciting opportunity, not only for RBC, but also for Luis and his family. On the other hand, I think it would still be scary to move your life to another place. I guess I am becoming a home body though I love the world and want to see more of it.

Tonight, Becca and I are going to a home buyer seminar put on by a bank across the street from our apartment. We are seriously looking at purchasing a home after our present lease is up next June. I am looking forward to this seminar as it should teach us a lot about the home buying process.

That is about all for now. I am still not done with Wisdom Hunter but I hope to blog about it when I am done.


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