Thursday, August 26, 2004

New beginnings

WOW! Two blog entries within one week. I think I am getting back to normal now.

I have a wonderful lunch meeting today at Panera with Jesse and Rob. I think if I had a lunch meeting at Panera every day of the week I would be happy. (Though I'm not sure how happy my checking account would be.)

Well, Luis and Anita are in Brazil. They will be missed around here. I was thinking on the way into work this morning that exciting days are ahead. God has raised up Luis and Anita and now sent them off to Brazil to continue the ministry He has given them to do. Now, from those who are still here in Grand Rapids, God will continue to raise up people for new areas of responsibility. It will be exciting to see how the Lord moves and what things happen in the future.

I have been struck lately seeing how many of friends are on very exciting spiritual journeys. God is teaching some of my friends new things. These lessons can be painful at times but are good as they draw us closer to God and teach us more about Him. I cannot be jealous a bit as some of the journeys as people are learning for themselves why they believe certain things about God. In my experience my beliefs have often be shaped by simply taking facts at face value rather than finding out for myself why certain things are true.

What do you think?

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