Thursday, April 28, 2005

It's closing day

Closing day has arrived. We meet at the title agency this afternoon at 1pm. I am excited that we will have a home, but there is so much else going on right now it is hard to be excited. I am glad we will have a month to move out of the apartment and into the condo. We want to paint the condo and also need to paint back the apartment before we move. These things will take some serious time. Our lease is up on 31 May so we will probably be completely moved in the condo by then.

Please keep praying for us and thank you for all your encouragement.


Jason said...

YaY! That's great to hear. It's nice that you have plenty of time to move and get things done before you have to be out of the apartment.

Deborah Li said...

Wow! GREAT!! hey, maybe you can get the church youths to help with the painting!!! Might be a nice bonding time too! :)