Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Thailand Blog

As we prepare to go to Thailand I have been reading a lot about Thailand on the Internet. There is a link to this blog on the left hand side of this page. The guy who writes this blog is an expat from the UK. A lot of cultural information about Thailand on this page.

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Deborah Li said...

Well, I've been to thailand myself a few times. One thing to take note off is that a girl might not be a girl... yes, sex change is very popular there!! And it looks super convincing too, until you see the Adam's apple!!!! Also, they are a culture that is VERY polite and they dont like rude people..... just gotta watch out. Overall, I loved the place, people and SHOPPING!!! hahahaha.... oh and take note, when shopping, ALWAYS BARGAIN!!!!! (unless in those branded shops). When they see you Americans coming, the price suddenly goes up 4 times!!!