Monday, November 28, 2005

Thanksgiving adventures

Sorry for the silence everyone. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving (for those of my readers who are in the US). We went to see my parents in Cleveland and returned last night. It was a good visit and a relaxing weekend away for Becca and I. The ride down to Cleveland was quite interesting. The drive normallly takes about 4.5 hours, but this time it took over 6 hours. On the way we stopped in Brighton for dinner (Panera for dinner was a wonderful thing!) and we never thought we would get there. We were driving around 10mph from Lansing to Brighton. For those are you in Michigan, you can understand how annoying that might be. For those of you from around Michigan, please consult Google Maps. Fortunately, the drive back from Cleveland to Grand Rapids was uneventful. A bit of rain on the way but I will certainly take rain over mass snow anyday of the week.

Have a great night!

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