Saturday, August 26, 2006

Electrical outlets

My question for today is why would people paint over electrical outlets? When we recently painted our living room one of the first things we did was to tape around the edges so the outlets wouldn't get covered. I am certainly not an expert in home repair, but this is one of the things that I know.

Today was a busy day. My in-laws came over and helped us with putting in new floorboards and new outlets. Some of the outlets had been painted over, some just needed replacing. Our living room looks so nice. I look forward to sharing the room with friends and family when they come over to see us.

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amelia said...

Don't get me started on sloppy paint jobs! We replaced every single outlet and outlet cover, switch and switchplate in our house. They had ALL been painted on. These people were the sloppiest painters in the world (hence why we had to repaint all the ceilings, trim AND baseboards along with ALL the walls & closets!!). It really is so much easier to take the outlet cover and switchplate off or tape as you did!