Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Laundry Love

This is the title of today's meditation in the Our Daily Bread. I have been challenged a lot over the past days and weeks with my attitude at work. My work can be stressful at times, but I need to have a good attitude and I do want to demonstrate this. God has provided this job and I want to serve Him where He has placed me. The meditation from the ODB talked about a university student who worked in a residential treatment center. When the teenagers at the center received new clothing from their parents, this man offered to wash the clothing separately. The word of this kindness spread quickly throughout the center and soon he was doing a lot of special laundry. This special laundry was a great act of love and kindness. This challenged me because I should want to do the same for anyone I meet, whether I really like them or not. As I read this article I was reminded of customers at work I find annoying or people at our church that we do not agree with. I John 3:18 says we are to love in deed and truth, not in word and in tongue. I don't think that means I should say loving words, but the act of love should go far beyond my words and proceed to actions. What a powerful witness it would be if we showed love regardless of what someone has done and leave the judging to God Himself.

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