Monday, October 09, 2006

Happy Columbus Day!

Had a fun weekend and now that we can breathe from all the activity, I’ll catch you all up on what we were up to. Friday night was the start to Alumni Family Weekend (aka Homecoming) at Cornerstone. Imagine my surprise when 1,600 alumni show up for a free concert. J The concert featured Big Daddy Weave and Mark Schultz. It was a really good concert. It was also nice to see some people that Becca and I had not seen in a while.

Saturday morning we went to a local fruit farm to get apples and pumpkins. We had a good time. I hope to do this again sometime where we pick the apples from the trees. I really do think the apples taste better if you get them from the farm rather than a store. We’ll have to see I guess. Saturday night our small group started again. We’re excited to start another year with our group. We are not attending the same church as the rest of the group, but we are able to stay in this group. We are both grateful that we can do that. We will be starting a study in Daniel this Friday when we meet again. I have never really studied this book so I’m looking forward to the study.

Sunday morning was church. We have been attending City Hope Ministries the last few weeks. We really like the church. It was nice to have a couple near our age reach out to us yesterday and get to know us better. We really didn’t experience that at our former church. We’ll have to see if this church is where God wants us to be, or if we need to keep looking.

Sunday afternoon was a birthday party for a 2nd year old. His parents are in our small group. It was a beautiful day for a party and we were able to spend some time with friends from our small group. However there was no rest for the weary J as we had people over to our home last night. Becca made enchiladas and I did some cleaning around the house. They brought a chocolate cake with them that had about an inch of frosting on the top. Just a little rich I’d say.

Well that was our weekend. Definitely a busy one, but we enjoyed ourselves.


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