Thursday, July 08, 2004

Thursday quiet time thoughts

I was reading tomorrow's devotion from Our Daily Bread and was challenged in a new way about depending on God. Allow me to quote the text of the devotional:

I recall walking along a Texas creek many years ago with my brother-in-law Ed and his 3-year-old son David. David had been collecting smooth, round stones from the stream while we walked. He called them“ piggies,” because their rounded shape reminded him of little pigs.

David had stuffed a number of “piggies” in his pockets, and after running out of pockets he began carrying them in his arms. After a while he began to stagger under the load and lag behind. It was obvious he would never make it back to the house without help, so Ed said,“Here, David, let me carry your piggies.”

Reluctance clouded David’s face for a moment, and then it lit up.“I know,”he said.“ You carry me and I’ll carry my piggies!”

As I read this, the idea that David proposed seemed absurd. However, it forced me to realise that some of my ideas I propose to God can be just as crazy. God invites me to cast all of my cares upon Him, not to have Him carry me while I carry my cares. How many times am I guilty of this on a daily basis?

I think this relates to control. I feel better when I am in control of my life, however it is exactly when I feel I am in the most control that I am not. More importantly, God does not call us to be in control of our lives. He calls us to surrender our lives for use in His service.

I hope these thoughts will challenge you as they have challenged me today.


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