Friday, July 23, 2004

Yeah the end of the week is here!

WOW what a busy week. We have had people over Wednesday night and last night. We're having a group of friends over tonight and then hopefully some other friends on Saturday night. We both love to entertain, however we have decided that 4 nights in a row is a lot and we won't do this again anytime soon.

Last night we had Kedron and Amelia over along with our friends the Johnston's who were married on 22 May of this year. We had a great time looking at pictures from the Johnston's globe trotting honeymoon. Becca and I loved our honeymoon to the Dominican Republic, however the Johnston's honeymoon was nice too. I must add the Ked does have some very exciting news coming in a couple weeks so do stay tuned to his blog for more information :)

As you think of Becca and I please keep us in your prayers for some decisions that we need to make. These decisions are not earthshattering, but are still very important to us. We want to be in the center of God's will.

Well, tmsaisti. Have a great weekend everyone!

Chris out

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