Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Fun weekend

This past weekend went by so fast, however it was jam packed with cool activities. On Friday night we had some friends over. We had not seen some of these friends since the wedding so it was great to see them, catch up a bit, play games and show wedding pictures. I am so glad for the friends that we have and the encouragement they have been to us as we have started our new life together.

On Saturday I ventured into the construction side of life and yes I do have pictures to prove it. Unfortunately they are not on my camera so I will try my best to post them soon. Becca's mom is building a deck around their pool and I helped. I may not be the most construction inclined, however I can follow directions and I endeavoured to follow directions as much as I could so I would be a help and not a hindrance.

Saturday night some members of our church had a bonfire. It was at the bonfire that I learned that my beautiful wife is a pyro. She was just a little too good helping Rob get the bonfire lit. (I am in such trouble now.)

Sunday night my church had the first of 3 southern Gospel concerts. We hosted Legacy Five. I have wanted to have them for 3 years now so you can imagine how excited I was to have them here. We had the biggest crowd we have ever had for a concert and the Lord blessed us with a remarkable love offering. The Lord does bless us when we go out on faith trusting in Him to provide.

Finally, yesterday Becca and I along with my parents and some friends went to Traverse City for the Cherry Festival. I have not been to the Festival in a couple of years so it was very nice to go back. My favorite part was all the free samples :) I did take many pictures and hope to post some once I have them on my computer.

The weekend was definitely a relaxing one. We were definitely not ready for the new work week today but Monday is almost over so I think we survived.

Hope your weekend was just as fun.


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