Thursday, November 11, 2004

Happy Veterans Day!

I approach this Veterans Day differently than I have ones in the past as we are currently in the war in Iraq. I realise that as I write that each Veterans Day I have been alive there have been troops deployed all around the world being put in harms way while away from their families. For some reason though this Veterans Day reminds me in a stronger way of the blessings I receive because of those who have fought in wars, many of whom would not have chosen to fight in. Thank you veterans for your sacrifice!

Thank you friends for praying for Becca and I. Becca decided to put in her two week notice at her job. Praise the Lord for the peace she feels having made this decision. Please continue to pray that we would follow God's leading for her employment. Pray also that Becca would feel better soon.

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Kedron said...

Now who is slacking? Hmmm?