Monday, November 22, 2004

I think God wants me to be a...

Over the last few days I have been scared to complete this sentence. Scared because of one "minor" aspect to a job opportunity my wife has. Becca has been in contact with a local ministry called Mission Possible. This ministry sets up and runs missions trips. This job sounds perfect for Becca (and me too), but there is one minor stipulation. Becca would need to raise her own support to do this job.

I am realising afresh that God needs to put us through the fire in order to increase our faith. Not by coincidence by devotions one day last week was in James 1 talking about trials. Trials are a necessary part of the Christian life, though definitely not the most comfortable or desired.

I am honestly not sure if this is the job for Becca or not. The leaders of this ministry want to meet with Becca and I next week. Please pray for wisdom for us and for God's provision.

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amelia said...

We will definitely keep you both in prayer and that God will make it very clear as to what he has for you and Becca. Keep us posted!!