Saturday, March 12, 2005


We looked at 5 homes today with our realtor. Actually, we only looked at 4 because we were not able to get into the home. I think the Lord shut the door to us on this home :)

I am learning that I need to have the mindset that we need to do somethings to the home we buy in order to get the price we need. This is difficult for me because I'd prefer to just move in, but I'm learning that us doing some improvements is not a bad thing. If a home needs some work, this gives us an opportunity to make it our own. The projects we would need to do are not that complicated. We are not talking about demolition and re-building from the studs. All of the walls would need to be painted. The hard wood floors need to be sanded and re-finished (the whole home is hard wood floors). The more I think about this home the more it is growing on me.

I would be curious to get your thoughts on projects like these.

Have a great weekend!

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amelia said...

The only way you're going to buy a home that doesn't have projects that need completed is if you buy a brand new home. Even then, you'll still probably paint the walls. Cosmetic projects (like refinishing wood floors, painting walls, wallpaper, etc) are good projects to do. Not only do you get to make the house your own, but you get to begin building equity right away. Go for it!!