Tuesday, March 08, 2005


We had a very refreshing meeting today with a home mortgage broker. She is a co-worker of a friend of mine. Over the weekend I realized I wanted to try and find another mortgage broker. The broker we have been using is a good guy and knows mortgages, however I have become less and less comfortable with him. I think buying a home is a significant purchase and therefore the parties on your team need to be on your team and they need to be people you are comfortable working with. The lady we spoke with today immediately put us at ease and communicated (in a calm manner) that she really knew mortgages. She communicated complicated mortgage language in a manner that we understood and felt comfortable with. We will be meeting with another mortgage broker tomorrow after which I hope we will be able to choose a broker and get pre-approved.

I am looking to us buying a home and for the process of buying a home to be over.

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