Tuesday, April 27, 2004


I was struck with a thought about faith today. Is faith trusting God to care for the details of a given situation with the way in mind that it will be fixed or is faith "blindly" trusting God that He will care for the details? Sometimes it is so easy for me to say I have faith in God while plotting in my mind how I will bring the event to pass.

I must admit that the specific situation I was thinking with regards to faith was the wedding. It is easy for me to express trust in God that He will provide while at the same time thinking of how I can save money to pay for this, that and the other thing. I don't think that financial planning is necessarily bad, however I think in some cases it can prevent me from fully trusting God as I could.

This topic of faith is often discussed some much in Christian circles and consequently can be perceived negatively. I don't mean to come up with the new, perfect way for you to have faith, but rather to share my experiences.


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