Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Random events of today

Becca and I were shopping tonight at Target and a crazy thing happened. We were shopping for a couple who is getting married in May and guess who we ran into. The couple getting married in May! I am still in shock.

My blog has become even more exciting as you can now make comments. Thanks for Ameliou for guiding me to an easy place to make it happen.

Continuing my discussion of faith from yesterday, in my team's devotion time today we read a meditation from Oswald Chamber's book. The title of the devotion was Certain of uncertainty. The focus was challenging the reader regarding faith during time in life where you do not have clear direction of the future. I think God is trying to teach me about faith because that seems to be a pretty consistent topic of late. I continue to sense that change (more than just the wedding) is on the horizon. God has revealed some detail about this, however there is still of lot of uncertainty. I need to be patient and wait for God to reveal His plans, however even as I type that I realise that is hard because I want/need to be in control. Well enough deep thoughts for now.

44 days to go until the big day. TMSAISTI

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