Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Productive day

Wedding plans continue to move along today. Tonight we completed the mailing of the invitations and secured the wedding cake. It is always exciting to make decisions, however for some reason I am always reminded of things yet to go, the foremost in my mind right now being the honeymoon.

For those of you who do not know, Becca and I have won a few honeymoons. We hope to take two of them to the same resort in the Dominican Republic. As Becca and I were sending in the forms to apply for these honeymoons I came to realise how much of a process it will be to get these free stays in the resort. Please remember this issue in prayer as it comes to your mind.

Today felt like a productive day at work too. One of my co-workers is on vacation and another is leaving on vacation tomorrow so I'm covering for a couple of people. Many projects are in progress but are going well. I, however, was reminded today that God is in control and I'm not. Unfortunately, at times I need frequent reminders.

Well, like my friend Amelia, today was not that exciting of a day so I'm signing off, going to read some more of my book and go to bed.

Have a great night!

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