Thursday, May 13, 2004

different is good

What do you think of the new format?

As a result of Blooger's association with Google, many new blog templates are available to be used. I heard Ameliou might be changing too, but since I wanted to beat her, I jumped on the opportunity today to change. (For more detailed information on my view toward change, please check out this site.)

Well the week is almost over and this one has crawled along at times. I'm headed to Cleveland this weekend. My younger sister is turning 21 on Sunday. WOW I am feeling old! I will be sure to take pictures this weekend and put them on the blog next week.

God has been continuing to bless me with opportunities to be silent before Him this week as I reflect on the video from last Friday night's small group (see blog entry below). Being silent before God is very difficult for me. It is sometimes difficult to quiet my mind with many things going on. However, God continues to bless me as I am silent before Him and listen for His voice.


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