Friday, May 21, 2004

Lessons from a mask

I was just reading Roger Bennett's blog from yesterday (he posts early in the morning, so most people read his entries the day after he posts them) and I was challenged regarding prejudice. In order for Roger to go out in public, he has to wear a surgical mask because of his weak immune system. He frequently gets stares from people when he enters a room because they are not accustomed to seeing people with a mask in public. He is able to deal with stares and momentary discomfort, however this has caused Roger (and me) to think about people with similar problems that are not able to "take off the mask." There are people with birth defects and injuries that cannot remove their abnormality as Roger is able to.

I cannot say that I feel the same way about this issue as Roger does because I do not share his experience. I, however am challenged in light of his experience to be more sensitive to those around who are perceived as "different."

"Lord help me be more aware of hurting people who endure a lifetime of being different. People who endure the stares everyday and do it with dignity. Help me to respond to them with the same dignity."


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