Thursday, May 06, 2004

Wonderful, beautiful day in Grand Rapids

I love summer-like weather. For me, it just doesn't get any better than sitting on my porch in a t-shirt & shorts, drinking a Mountain Dew while surfing the Internet (wirelessly of course). And of course, as I am typing this blog entry I am doing just that. I hope there are many more days like today this year.

Today marks the 23 day mark until I move into our new apartment. I went through the storage area with this mindset: If something has not been used in the two years I have lived here, it really needs to be thrown away. Consequently, I have quite a few boxes full of trash. (Becca will be so glad to read this I am sure.)

Tonight is the series finale of Friends. For all of you who are saying, I'm not watching that dumb show, please give it up and watch the show. I am not an avid Friends fan and I am most definitely watching it. I hope to find a Friends blog to post my thoughts in as well.

You will notice a new link on the right side of your screen. Roger Bennett is the piano player and tenor in Legacy Five. He has recently gone through a bone marrow transplant at the M.D. Anderson hospital in Houston, TX. He has a blog where he recounts his journey and what God is teaching Him through the process. I have been very blessed and encouraged by these entries so I thought I'd pass along the link to you.


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