Saturday, June 26, 2004

WOW time flies

Becca and I have been married two weeks now. On the one hand it feels like the wedding was forever ago, however on the other hand it feels like we have not yet been married very long at all. This same principle applies to the honeymoon.

I think it is very important to have friends with 31' foot boats, particularly when you do not have your own. Last night Becca and I went to Grand Haven and went for a cruise with some people from our small group. It was fun to hang out with them for a bit and to show them some of the wedding pictures.

Today we're hanging out at Becca's parents house. I have a question for all my friends in blog land. Becca and I wore our wedding rings during the honeymoon including when we were in the pool. When we came back we noticed a spot in the channel of my ring that looked like rust. Now my ring is 10K white gold so I don't think it is rust, but where did this spot come from. Please feel free to share your thoughts on jewelry care. I am glad the jewelry store is going to take away this spot (especially since we did buy the extended warranty).

Well this is my "make up" blog entry. I have not been blogging as well as normal this week. Hopefully I'll do better next week.

Chris out

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