Thursday, June 03, 2004

Grace and Truth

I was reading Ameliou's blog today and noticed the following thoughts regarding grace and truth. She was listening to a CD she receives monthly from Thrive and this month's CD has an interview with Randy Alcorn. (I read one of his books called Safely Home and it was amazing.

Please read Randy's thoughts below.

"He said that grace and truth must go together. Grace without truth he said is just tolerance and that's quite different than grace. He said to just say "whatever" and let people live as they please does them no good and he says the church often fails on this point. He pointed to an experience he had in a small group. After a couple months of meeting, he discovered that one of the couples was not married but had a child and were living together. He and his wife sat down privately to discuss the matter with them in grace and truth and to help them see that what they were doing was not right and bore consequences. This couple, although both believers, had never been told that their lifestyle was wrong and they were surprised that no one had ever helped them with it before. It turns out that finances were an issue, so the small group took up a collection for them and Mr Alcorn conducted the wedding and helped this couple correct their situation so they were no longer living in sin. He also said that truth without grace is not good either. He said especially in raising children you must have both. You can't pound the truth into their heads, you must teach it while also teaching and living grace. He discusses this more in his book "The Grace & Truth Paradox."

Grace and Truth. What a concept.

Chris out

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